mipso Mipso launches the FiT Personal Size Assistant on

  … Mipso Inc – a leading provider of technology solutions for the apparel retail sector, recently announced the implementation of their “FiT Personal Size Assistant” platform on Shop Your Way. FiT enables online shoppers to find their perfect size for each and every garment they choose. Based on advanced algorithms that match each shopper’s personal measurements with the specifications [...]

tawkon Israeli startup Tawkon takes its cellular radiation-detection app to Japan

  Although the possible danger of cellphone radiation has never been conclusively established, many people still claim to worry about it. Israeli startup Tawkon, which gained a significant amount of traction with an application designed to measure the amount of radiation emitted from Android phones, is now launching an app intended for the Japanese market. Tawkon’s app uses real-time information gathered [...]

rolomotion Motion Gaming coming to Apple TV

Rolocule Games today announced rolomotion – a technology which precisely track various movements of iPhone and allows users to play games using natural motion gestures on television using iPhone and Apple TV. The first rolomotion-powered game – Motion Tennis – is set to release on the App Store in May and the company plans to roll out its limited beta [...]


smartype Israeli company Smartype puts screen in your keyboard so you can see and type !

KeyView has just introduced the Smartype, a keyboard with a built-in display designed to both house apps and improve your typing experience. While typing, the tiny screen will display what you’re writing so that you don’t have to look up at your monitor — KeyType hopes that this [...]

ces iReduce Greatest Gadgets of Las Vegas Show CES 2013

Pebble The Pebble smart watch, a bit of a Kickstarter legend, is now ready to ship. It is essentially an E-Paper watch which uses technologies such as Bluetooth and accelerometers to act as a wrist-mounted extension of your phone, as well as being a very cool customisable watch. [...]

igear iGear Launches Custom Imprinted iPad Case for Business

When it comes to customized iPad cases, users often had to choose between form or function – the good looking cases often cannot be printed with custom artwork, and the printable cases almost always clip on the back, without offering any protection to the screen. iGear’s custom case [...]

Your Digital Life

trend Top technology trends for 2013 that make your life easier

BPT) – Whether you are a college student, working parent or empty-nester, modern life has never been busier. Luckily, a variety of technology innovations are dramatically affecting the way we live, helping us streamline our [...]

apps Mobile Apps Make Great Business Sense

Mobile Apps Make Great Business Sense ( by Susan Smith) Through the surge of mobile devices and applications, our daily lives have become easier to manage and have the potential to be a more productive. [...]

onlineshop iReduce cyber security Threats: Eight important steps for safe holiday shopping online

(BPT) – Remember the days when keeping track of your wallet and hiding packages in the trunk were all you had to do to ensure your holidays were safe and secure? Fast forward to 2012 [...]

roaming iReduce Roaming Charges – Tips & Tricks on How you Reduce Roaming Charges

How you Reduce Roaming Charges – Tips & Tricks from On a recent two week vacation to Miami,  I ran up about $350 in roaming charges ! But that is the good news. The [...]

music Simple Tips to Declutter your Digital Life

(BPT) – Owning multiple gadgets is no longer the domain of tech geeks – it’s the new normal for just about everyone. Between multiple computers, phones, tablets, readers and music players, and the files that [...]